The centrepiece of individual surface design with PANDOMO® Wall, PANDOMO® W1 is a white cement-based decorative finishing render that can be easily coloured using PANDOMO® colour concentrates to achieve any desired shade. And the options don’t end there: You can add texture, create patterns of different colours that adjoin seamlessly. You can even integrate elements made of other materials effortlessly. After treatment with stone oil, surfaces are vapour permeable, free of any oily film and soil resistant.

PANDOMO® W1 (Decorative finishing render)

For decorating internal walls and ceilings.
For elegant, creative wall and ceiling surfaces, e.g. in showrooms, foyers, public buildings, sales rooms and the home.

PANDOMO® SP-SL (Stone oil)


For protecting coloured and polished PANDOMO® W1, PANDOMO® K1 and PANDOMO® K2 surfaces.
Instructions for use are shown on the packaging.

PANDOMO® W3 10/3.1 (Decorative finishing render)

PANDOMO® W3 / 10/3.1

For creating and designing the surfaces of walls and ceilings
in internal areas
Pre coloured
Cement/Polymer based
Hardens and dries rapidly to a stress-free layer without
cracks in all thicknesses
Easy to apply
Excellent adhesion
High yield

PANDOMO® SP-PS (Water based polyurethane sealer)

For protecting and sealing PANDOMO® floors and walls Satin finish

Low odour
Outstanding coverage