Ice rink, Iserlohn, Germany

PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus: Everyone’s a winner at this ice rink.

The Iserlohn Roosters have big plans for this season. The team from the Sauerland region is aiming for success in the German ice hockey league, and they also want to gain points with their fans and sponsors. To help the team achieve these goals, the ice rink at Seilersee recently underwent extensive refurbishment and expansion. The exclusive new VIP area on the gallery level on the north side of the arena features a premium, customised floor in a traditional terrazzo look, laid seamlessly to cover an area of 350 square metres, as a striking highlight.

Superior quality with a unique look.

Terrazzo floors are rare in this day and age. In this project, the designers’ ambition was to create an artistic, unique floor to contrast with the stylish, unfussy atmosphere of the VIP lounge. They were after a classy, natural look for a cohesive, generous effect. At the same time, the floor had to be extremely durable and quick to install. They opted for superior quality, seamless flooring in a traditional terrazzo look based on a revolutionary material concept that would meet all their demands in terms of appearance and workability: PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus. Bonded with rapid-setting cement and offering a wide variety of options for mineral aggregates, this new floor was developed as a quality alternative to traditional terrazzo. In addition to its customisation options, this floor was chosen for its quick, affordable installation. And speed was of the essence, as delays in other aspects of the construction process left less than two weeks to install the floor before the opening game of the ice hockey season. The VIP lounge now boasts a floor in a cool, light grey tone – an effect achieved with the colour of the binder matrix that resulted in an overall sense of spaciousness and clarity. The mineral decorative aggregate provides visual stimulation, the variety of sizes and colours producing a fascinating effect, with grains of all sizes in striking black, white and red. This floor perfectly maintains the design integrity of the room. Special accents in a clear design idiom are provided by contrasting stripes with a black base colour, contoured with brass separators. The Iserlohn Roosters team logo was painstakingly crafted and then set precisely in the centre of the floor. The end result: 350 square metres of seamless, absolutely unique flooring. This floor echoes the grand, centuries-old terrazzo tradition but took a mere 11 days from preparation to the final finish, and delivered exactly what was called for in terms of both effect and practicality.