New German Headquarters: Vodafone Campus Düsseldorf

Floors with Character

Witten, June 2013. Vodafone has recently moved into its new company headquarters – the Campus – in Düsseldorf, establishing a new landmark in the regional capital with its 75-metre office tower. The innovative architectural design of the Vodafone Campus reflects its team-oriented corporate culture, combining impressive user quality with energy efficiency. The central entrance hall of the so-called Tower welcomes its visitors with top design quality, characterised by an elegant, virtually seamless decorative floor in a classical terrazzo look.

Following a construction period of just over two years, Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies, took possession of its new German headquarters in Düsseldorf. The last employees moved in at the end of March. The new complex, whose above-ground floor space covers an area of almost 90,000 square metres, goes by the name of Vodafone Campus and features three oblong buildings as well as a 19-storey, elliptical high-rise, which also houses the main entrance hall. At the centre of the Campus, a triangular plaza stretches out expansively between the tower block and the surrounding six- to nine-storey buildings. Inside, the 5,000 or so Vodafone employees are met by an innovative workplace concept – an entirely new working environment. At the heart of it are communication, creativity and lots of “open spaces” for the workforce. A comprehensive range of services assist them in bringing together their family lives and their jobs. These include, for example, a crèche, a gym, a health centre and a wide range of culinary offers.

Polished elegance with a classical terrazzo look

Visitors enter the new Campus through the impressive foyer of the striking, 75-metre tall tower block. The entrance hall is characterised by its clear, generous architecture. Glass surfaces stretch to the height of an entire storey, producing transparency and openness. Huge video walls with rapidly changing images serve as an emotional eye-catcher. The high-quality, finely polished and virtually seamless floor with its classical terrazzo look is a soothing counterpoint. It creates design accents and underscores the sense of generous spaciousness. This effect is achieved by means of a modern, seamless material that perfectly fulfils the aesthetic and technical requirements: ARDEX PANDOMO TerrazzoPlus. This homogenous floor surface, containing many different kinds of decorative mineral aggregates and bonded with quick cement, was specially developed as a high-quality alternative to classical terrazzo floors. With its natural and high-class effect, it is at the same time extremely durable and quick to install. A particularly attractive feature of this material is the versatility with which it can be customised to implement individual designs, without limiting the available avenues of architectural design.

At the Vodafone Campus, the planners opted for light shades of anthracite for the floors of the tower block’s entrance lobby, as well as the surrounding corridors leading off from it, right through to the adjoining Vodafone shop. This colour scheme gives the passageways a sense of breadth and elegance over a total area of 600 square metres. Visual excitement is provided by the interspersed ornamental mineral aggregates, of different sizes and colours, which were carefully selected and mixed to match the individual design requirements. The resulting floor surfaces are completely homogenous, yet vivacious. In the centuries-old tradition of classical terrazzo floors, each is one of a kind. Even technically challenging areas, such as the floating stairs leading down to the basement, were given the same finish, step for step.

Quick and hardwearing

Apart from the design aspects, the durability of the floor surface and the speed with which it could be installed were equally important in choosing it for this highly frequented entrance hall. The high speed with which construction went ahead at this site meant that the time slots available for installing the floor covering were very brief. The extremely pressure- and wear-resistant ARDEX PANDOMO TerrazzoPlus emerged as an exceptionally sturdy and at the same time rapid and economic solution. Just two days after being installed, the floors were ready for their final grinding and subsequent polishing. Thus in a very short space of time, spacious, seamless, monolithic floor surfaces were created in panels of around 70 square metres. Timeless, beautiful, and with their own unique and distinctive look.