Sky Office, Düsseldorf, Germany

PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro: Pure elegance in a seamless surface.

Düsseldorf has a new landmark. The award-winning Sky Office high-rise on Kennedydamm is a rich, new highlight in the city’s skyline. The 23-storey tower 89 metres tall featuring a glass façade and over 30,000 square metres of flexible office space was designed by Christoph Ingenhoven.

Singular elegance starts with a purist floor.

Clarity and light dominate the room interiors. The floor-to-ceiling glazing creates a bright working atmosphere with plenty of daylight. On the ground floor, the building’s elegant foyer and inviting bistro area make a striking first impression, the brightness underscored by the choice of unusual colours and materials for the floors. For this area, the designers selected an exclusive, pure white, classic terrazzo-look floor – 1,300 square metres installed practically seamlessly. The effect is a striking, distinctive space characterised by the unadorned white of the floor, which is modern and purist without being cool. The vast, virtually seamless, flowing surface is cohesive to the eye. Custom colouring in a special white with a fine aggregate, also in white, resulted in a one-of-a-kind floor. This effect was achieved using an innovative, premium-quality material concept. It was crucial to the design to opt for a customisable floor that offered ease and economy of installation. At the same time, it had to be wear-resistant and usable on raised flooring. The logical choice was PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro. This new floor system produces a seamless, finely-ground, up-market finish with a characteristic terrazzo look. It consists of a very low-tension binder matrix as a base, combined with various fine mineral aggregates making up the decorative graining. The pigmentation and structure can be fully customised. The natural stone graining of the floor ensures an authentically organic look. For the Sky Office, a white binder matrix was mixed with a slightly lighter chip as the decorative aggregate. This pure monochrome colour scheme called for uncompromising precision craftsmanship in order to eliminate the possibility of colour discrepancies. The material, however, allowed rapid installation over a virtually seamless expanse. The substrate was a raised floor covered with PANDOMO® ATS Sub screed followed by PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro in a 14-millimetre layer. Finally, the entire surface was finely ground several times. The finished floor is an incomparably elegant, smooth expanse produced in record time.