Marc O’Polo Store, Würzburg

PANDOMO® Loft: A unique floor rounds out high-end fashion shop design.

The design of a retail store is key to sales. The shop has to feature aesthetic appeal and unique style while perfectly expressing the brand philosophy. This client in Würzburg, Germany, wanted to showcase the values the company prizes and manifests in its collections, and to articulate them in the store’s architecture. The new shop concept is based on a clear, contemporary design perfectly in tune with the characteristic Northern European lifestyle Marc O’Polo embodies. Natural oak and stone harmonise elegantly with the company colour, graphite grey, on the ground and first floors to create an inviting atmosphere that is both up-market and warm. In dramatic contrast, the basement level is a dedicated area for the young, college-inspired Campus label. Here a more compact overall atmosphere in which specially selected brand accessories are spotlighted draws customers into the creative student lifestyle.

Customisable thin layer flooring compound creates the perfect setting.

It takes a wealth of details to achieve just the right ambience to showcase a brand perfectly. The right choice of flooring is vital in getting the visual message across to customers and underscoring the appeal of the products. Five key factors define the Marc O’Polo brand world: naturalness, simplicity, quality, personality and innovation. The flooring also had to reflect all these qualities, and the perfect choice to meet the demanding criteria was a totally new, premium material concept: PANDOMO® Loft, a cement-based flooring compound that can be applied seamlessly. It boasts exceptional surface characteristics and opens the way for virtually unlimited design options. It can be applied in a layer as little as two millimetres thick without compromising durability, which proved invaluable in Würzburg, where the floor was laid in an existing building. As the work had to be completed on a very tight schedule as well, speed of installation was also a key factor in the selection.

For the Würzburg project, PANDOMO® Loft was customised in a light grey tone to tie in with the corporate design and installed on two storeys over an area of some 260 square metres. The client decided against the scratchy application typical of Loft, opting instead for a smoother surface look with gracefully sweeping trowel strokes on the ground floor and livelier, edgier strokes for the youthful atmosphere below. In consultation with the architects, the expert installers formed natural Loft-look surfaces into one-of-a-kind floors. The elegant, clear aesthetic was an immediate sensation and showcases the products and the corporate philosophy to striking effect. Whereas traditional materials would have presented craftsmen with a challenge in areas such as the stairs and the ramp at the shop entrance, in this case the thin layer floor covering compound made it simple to maintain the cohesive overall look – and all with high inherent strength and no delays, as the floors could be walked on after just two hours. The result: an exclusive ambience that leaves a lasting impression.