Alpha Mosaic Hotel, Brisbane, Australia

Create any colour.
The Alpha Mosaic Hotel, Brisbane has featured ARDEX PANDOMO® FloorPlus throughout the entrance foyer, lift loft and reception of the hotel with an area of more than 90 sqm.

“There were some aspects of this job which were quite challenging,” explained Andrew Dore, Surface Archetypes, who completed the installation. “There were a number of areas immediately surrounding the foyer with timber flooring. Not only did we have to create a colour that would complement the timber, we also had to meet the height at all other junctions and so a base height of approximately 12 mm was installed. This allowed us to use 6-8 mm of PANDOMO® FloorPlus which is the ideal level to ensure the smoothest possible finish.” “The Alpha Mosaic Hotel was the first project in Australia to use SP-CEE colour enhancer,” said Fabian Morgan, Sales and Marketing Director, ARDEX Australia. “It is designed to enhance and enrich the natural colour of the PANDOMO®allowing us to create virtually any colour imaginable.”

PANDOMO® FloorPlus was selected by designer Cressida Kennedy, Space Control Design as it would perfectly frame the fit out. “I chose the PANDOMO® FloorPlus finish after reviewing all the concrete topping options available,” explained Kennedy. “I found the seamless finish and colour range perfect for the hotel foyer. There is a lot of texture on the copper and marble reception area and I wanted a floor that was smoother but still had depth and would form a clean backdrop for the rest of the finishes in the space.

The foyer would also experience a lot of foot traffic. The special sand reinforcement embedded into the wet flooring during the installation
of PANDOMO® FloorPlus gives an improved abrasion resistance of 30 per cent.”