Renovated Warehouse, Paddington, New South Wales, Australia

Minimalist and industrial grey.
The warehouse renovation was a joint project between Baker Kavanagh Architects and wall and floor surfacing specialists Honestone, using PANDOMO® Wall and Floor to create a balanced feeling of minimalism, industrial and home.

PANDOMO® is a cement-based material capable of delivering smooth, clear-cut surfaces with a modern, reductionist look. PANDOMO® can be tinted or textured with a wide array of specially developed PANDOMO® colour concentrates and aggregate mixes.

“PANDOMO® is a fabulous and innovative medium to work with,” said Honestone Director Rick Hendriks. “It lets us create flat, even walls and floors over uneven surfaces; and concrete slab-looking features such as indentations and join lines in what is in essence a liquid product.”

“We worked closely with the architect and homeowners to create the perfect spectrum of greys – modern, industrial, but not too cold or uninviting. They had to work sympathetically with the original features being retained in the renovation, such as the bare brick wall in the living room.”

Commenting on the growing minimalist and industrial grey colour trend, ARDEX Sales and Marketing Director Fabian Morgan said “We are seeing increasing demand for lighter variations of PANDOMO® Wall Pure range from both the residential and commercial sectors. When used on walls, this grey palette assists to enhance a sense of space, while at the same time, still providing a firm sense of solidity.”

PANDOMO®’s cementitious base creates smooth, low shrinking surfaces in a vast range of colours and aggregate mixes – from bright, bold colours; warm stone finishes; to cool slate industrial greys.

“Now more than ever, PANDOMO® is allowing architect, interior designers and homeowners to translate their interior design visions into a tangible reality,” commented Morgan.