A special binder matrix has been developed for PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus. The matrix is available in white and black. The white binder matrix can be easily dyed to almost any desired colour by adding special powder pigments. The binder matrix can be walked on after only approx. 8 hours and can be ground after approx. 24 hours.

PANDOMO® PW/PB (Bindersystem white/black)


To produce a fast track decorative flooring with the appearance of Terrazzo; bonded, unbonded
or floating
Binder available in white and black
Walkable after 8 hours
Very rapid hardening; can be ground after 24 hours
For application from 25 mm thick bonded
For interior use
Fulfils the requirements according to DIN 18560 and EN 13813
With ideal application properties
– Working time 60 minutes
– Very rapid hardening
– Low shrinkage
– Rapidly trafficable
Non flammable

PANDOMO® TFW (Filler white)

PANDOMO® TFW (Filler white)

For filling voids in PANDOMO® Terrazzo surfaces before final grinding.

Special properties:
Rapid hardening and drying.
Final grinding after 16 hours.

PANDOMO® PR (Primer)


Primer and bonding agent for PANDOMO® K1, K3 10/3.1, PANDOMO® W1, W3 10/3.1, PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro and TerrazzoPlus

Prevents air bubbles rising From the subfloor when finishing