The principle.
The base consists of a newly developed, very low-tension, grey binder matrix, with locally-obtained mineral aggregates added. This new flooring system features far more vibrant structures than traditional terrazzo floors.

The matrix.
The PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic binder matrix is applied as a bonded screed (25 millimetres) or as a floating or unbonded screed (50 millimetres). PANDOMO® TerrazzoBasic can be processed more quickly and easily than conventional terrazzo flooring. It is machine-handleable and pumpable. After installation, the floor is ground several times, polished and then impregnated.

The aggregates.
The addition of mineral aggregates from the local area lends an individual touch to the finished floor surfaces.

PANDOMO® BG (Bindersystem)

PANDOMO® BG (Bindemittelmatrix)

To produce rapid usable mineralistic, design floors on
insulating layer, on separating membrane and as a
bonded screed
Dimension stabilised screed cement = virtually shrink –
and tension free hardening and drying
Fast useable
For interior
Walkability after 12 hours
Can be ground depending on site condition
after 48 to 72 hours
With ideal application properties
– Working time 60 minutes
– Constant consistency even with longer mixing times and long conveying routes
– Easier spreading and working of the screed

PANDOMO® BW (Binder Matrix, white)


For creating decorative, mineral-based floors that are rapidly usable and ready for covering, on insulating layers, separating layers and as a bonded screed.
Controlled-dimension binder system = virtually no shrinkage and very low tension during hardening and drying.
Rapid usability
For indoor use
Walkable after just 12 hours
Grindable after 36 hours depending on temperature
Optimised application properties

Mortar only to be prepared using forced-action mixer.
– Working time approx. 45 minutes
– Uniform consistency even with longer mixing times
– Easy spreading and application of mortar

PANDOMO® TFW (Filler white)

PANDOMO® TFW (Filler white)

For filling voids in PANDOMO® Terrazzo surfaces before final grinding.

Special properties:
Rapid hardening and drying.
Final grinding after 16 hours.