The fastest and most economical terrazzo-look floor

PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus gives you all the best features of terrazzo, such as elegance, extreme durability and a long life, in a very economical floor. With its rapid workability and early strength, about 120 square metres of PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus can be installed per day.


PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus consists of a rapid-setting, very low-tension binder matrix with high early strength, combined with decorative mineral aggregates in a wide variety of options.

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PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus is just as resilient and resistant to abrasion as traditional terrazzo. The perfect complement to any setting, its understated elegance makes it the ideal “visiting card” in highly frequented spaces such as lobbies and foyers.

Aggregate sizes, colours and textures

The choice of mineral aggregates with all their gradations is key to the finished look of the floor. And PANDOMO® TerrazzoPlus also offers the option of producing solid colours, making it the solution of choice for purist tastes.

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For you to download

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