Terms of use

These terms of use govern the use of the PANDOMO website (“Website”) provided by ARDEX GmbH.

1. Information on the Website

Information on the Website does not constitute a promise or guarantee.
We have thoroughly checked all the information on the Website. Should you have cause to object to content published herein, please send us a message stating your reasons using the contact form below. We will follow up on these statements without delay and, if justified, take steps to correct them. The colours as displayed on your monitor may differ from the colours of the actual materials and serve only as a reference. Please contact our specialist staff for expert advice on colours.  

Other information provided on the Website, such as installation recommendations, examples of finishes, or information and images in the PANDOMO design tool are for your general information only and do not constitute a promise or guarantee. They are not a substitute for advice from trained specialists or the authoritative information and instructions on our company’s packaging as well as in our product and safety data sheets. No information on this Website is intended as a definitive basis for your planning decisions.

2. Links and websites of third parties
In cases where the Website provides links to or otherwise draws attention to third party websites, such as our list of useful links, the providers of these third party websites are responsible and liable for their content. We solely adopt the linked contents as our own if this is expressly stated.

3. Distribution channels

We distribute our products exclusively through trained specialists. No orders etc. can be placed through this Website. Our company’s products or services pictured or described on this Website do not constitute offers but are intended solely to provide information regarding our portfolio.

Addresses of stockists are listed in the menu item “Contact” on the Website.

4. Copyright
Content on the Website such as graphic design, copy, images, the structure of the Website, the software and any videos or sound sequences are protected by our own or third party copyright. Our trademarks and those of third parties depicted here, such as our logo and product names, are protected by trademark law, and some equipment and processes are protected by patent law. Content and data protected by copyright, especially copy, images and videos, may not be reproduced in whole or in part or otherwise utilised, processed or disseminated without our previous consent or the consent of the copyright holder. Their use is permitted, however, within the context of the proper use of the Website.

5. Use of e-mail and contact form
If sending an unencrypted e-mail or a request via our contact form, please bear in mind that third parties who may not have authorisation can use relatively simple technology to view and possibly even manipulate the message contained therein. For this reason, please do not send us confidential or sensitive information by e-mail or via our contact form to which third parties should not gain access.

6. Contact

Should you have any questions, remarks or complaints regarding this document or the Website, please send them to us using the “Contact” button.