Colour your design – in infinite ways

PANDOMO® offers an excellent selection of colours. Best of all, each shade can be individually modified. The five colour schemes – Gentle, Natural, Pure, Cheery and Accent – offer the perfect starting point for your interior design. Initially created especially for PANDOMO® by Johannes Klinger, the five palettes bring together classic shades, earthy notes and trends to provide an invaluable guide to colour selection.

1. Light

Pastel walls bring an air of clarity to a room and have a stimulating effect on our mood. Potential applications: Thanks to its versatility, this palette lends itself to both public and private spaces with a modern, elegant character and is appropriate in a wide range of contexts. These discreet colours are suitable for large wall areas. Style: Contemporary. Associations: Vigour, practicality.

2. Natural

The earthy tones of the Natural palette create a sense of security. Often these hues produce the effect of soft, diffused daylight in a room. Potential applications: Appropriate in a wide range of contexts, notably in private spaces or upscale country-style restaurants. Style: Country house. Associations: Timelessness, tranquil sanctuary.

3. Pure

Muted grey tones are reminiscent of shades familiar to us from nature. They convey authenticity and offset shapes, structures as well as other colours to eye-catching effect. Potential applications: Contemporary buildings, lofts, minimalist décor, new modernism, designer living. Style: Loft, minimalism. Associations: Pared down, elegantly restrained.

4. Bright

These shades are imbued with joie de vivre. Potential applications: Colour accents for cheerful living areas, inspiring work spaces, nursery schools, hospitals, spas and single walls. Style: Mediterranean. Associations: Sociable, friendly.

5. Accent

Bold hues stir the human imagination. Saturated colours have the power to energise and excite. Potential applications: Accents for urban scenarios, adding a fresh, modern touch in large spaces. Style: Urban. Associations: Confident, image-conscious, media-inspired.

„The large spectrum of colours that can easily be blended with one another takes its cue from contemporary trends in art and culture. As a result, the palettes lend themselves to a wide range of potential looks. The five different colour schemes correspond to the most influential stylistic directions currently in interior design. These palettes are often a source of inspiration for creating new, personalised colours.“

Johannes Klinger, artist, master church painter and interior designer