A special binder matrix has been developed for PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro. The matrix is available in white and black. The white binder matrix can be easily dyed to almost any desired colour by adding special powder pigments. The binder matrix can be walked on after only approx. 8 hours and can be ground after approx. 24 hours.

ARDEX A38 (Rapid Set Screeding Compound)


ARDEX P51 (Substrate Primer)

Floor, wall and ceiling
Safe primer with a wide application range
Primer, bonding agent and water-inhibiting pore closer
Prevents air bubbles rising from the sub-floor when finishing

PANDOMO® MW/MB (TerrazzoMicro Bindersystem white/black)


For creating quickly usable, cement-based, customisable bonded floors.

PANDOMO® TFW (Filler white)

PANDOMO® TFW (Filler white)

For filling voids in PANDOMO® Terrazzo surfaces before final grinding.